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  Church Mission 

To teach Biblical Principles with an application of Faith for the Divine Destiny and Fulfillment of God's plan in the life of mankind.

To minister universally to all who are thirsty & seeking the true and living God.

To impart the power of God's Redeeming Word by teaching with clarity to gain understanding, leading to application preaching that one may be fully persuaded to become a disciple of Christ, Fervently praying for mankind.

Church Vision 

The vision of Redeeming Word Ministries is to be a Place of Hope, Healing, and Restoration.   A progressive church where the Presence of God's Love is invoked.  

A ministry for total Mankind; Mind, Spirit, Body, & Soul.  

Changing lives by teaching Biblical Principles; and leading our community to a loving and victorious relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Who is the Redeeming Word.