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Pastor Micheal Richard Mitchell, Sr.
Pastor Micheal R. Mitchell, Sr., is a native of Marion, South Carolina and a graduate of Florida Metropolitan University where he received his Bachelors of Art Degree in Business. His corporate work history consists of 30 years with Bellsouth Communications as Technician, Asst. Manager span the territory of Fort Lauderdale, FL., Philadelphia, PA., Charlotte, NC. Pastor Mitchell was licensed to preach at Greater Ephesians Bibleway Temple, Fort Lauderdale, FL., as an ordained Elder on January 2, 1983. In March 1989, Pastor Mitchell and his family relocated to Charlotte, NC. Where he served 10 year tenure as Associate Minister under the leadership of Bishop Edward C. Roberts.

His Testimony
As I sat there in a Revival Meeting, my heart was stirred by the word of God. I became deeply convicted. "The very moment you believe," the minister was saying, "Christ will enter your heart." Right then and there, I cried out to God for forgiveness and cleansing from all my sins. That was an unforgettable night - May 26, 1964.

Vision and Background

I have a great love for humanity, and it is humbling that God has allowed this ministry to be planted among His creation. It is our responsibility to reach mankind and make a difference in the earth as we touch and change lives for Kingdom Building. I believe God has something in store for the people of Charlotte and surrounding areas. Redeeming Word Ministries is a place of Hope, Healing, and Restoration.

We will be radical in the things of God. We will be a church full of love, and full of people who have a desire to serve, worship, and give their hearts to God that will equate them not to just have religion but salvation. By this we must uncover, discover, and recover by embracing the process of Hope, Healing, and Restoration. Pastor Mitchell and his wife Cynthia of 32 years are the proud parents of their two sons Micheal Richard II and Marcel Ryan.