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Hello and welcome to our web site!

Redeeming Word Ministries Inc. was founded on January, 2003. Pastor Mitchell was given the vision by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through a dream. He saw that it had something to do with Redemption. Sharing the dream with his wife, she also agreed with him concerning the name, because Jesus is the Redeeming Word. Thus was the birth of Redeeming Word Ministries, Inc. Services started and continue to take place at 9741 John Russell Rd. in Charlotte, North Carolina. We now have the doors open to all those that donít know Christ as their personal Savior and to those that know Him as Lord. .

Striving For The Spirit of Excellence

Our Mission:
  The Mission of Redeeming Word Ministries is to teach Biblical Principles with an application of Faith for the Divine Destiny and Fulfillment of God's plan.


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